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How to get your child to love fruit

Children are naturally wary of new foods, and fruit is no exception. However, developing a passion for these natural treasures is crucial to their growth and health. Here are some tips to make eating fruit a real pleasure for your little ones.

Introduce fruit in a fun way

The playful aspect is important to attract children's attention. You can offer them fruits cut into fun shapes or healthy snacks like K'Apples . These snacks consist of baked apple puree and other fruit purees, with spices such as cinnamon and cardamom and only one egg white per 100g, with no added sugar. The structure is reminiscent of spiced bread, which can fascinate and delight children. Discover our blueberry range  for a taste explosion that will delight your children's palates.

Combine fruits with their favorite activities

Whether you're watching a cartoon or reading a story, tasting fruit can bring up positive associations with these moments. K'Apples with forest berries are perfect for these moments, offering a healthy snack that supports brain activity without causing sugar spikes.

Create a ritual around the fruit

The ritual of preparation and consumption can also be a way to awaken a love of fruit. The K'Extra range, with its best K'Apples pieces, can become a ritual after school or before extracurricular activities, providing energy and essential nutrients in a delicious way.

Offer variety with dehydrated fruit substitutes

Varying pleasures is a proven way to keep children interested. Our K'Apples sets   offer a range of flavors to help you discover fruits in a new light.

So, to instill a love of fruit in your children, be creative and consistent and incorporate healthy alternatives like K'Apples into their diet. These healthy snacks  are a wonderful introduction to a lasting love of fruit. Visit our website to find out more and discover our complete range!

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