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How to Make Edible Mojito: A Refreshing and Healthy Recipe

Updated: May 14, 2023

If you're a fan of the classic Mojito cocktail but want a healthier and edible alternative, we have just the recipe for you! Introducing K’Apples with lime and mint, a delicious treat that captures the essence of a Mojito without the guilt.

What are K’Apples with Lime and Mint?

Mojito in cubes
K'Apples. Citron vert à la menthe

K’Apples with lime and mint are a delightful creation made with baked apple puree, egg white, lime, and fresh mint leaves. The best part? There's no added sugar! These mouthwatering treats are crafted in Switzerland, specifically in the beautiful canton of Fribourg.

At K’Apples, we take pride in creating gluten-free and lactose-free products, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our delicious and healthy treats.

How to Make K’Apples with Lime and Mint

Creating your own batch of K’Apples with lime and mint is easier than you might think. Follow these simple steps:


  • Baked apple puree

  • Egg white

  • Fresh lime juice

  • Fresh mint leaves


  1. Start by preheating your oven to 180°C (350°F).

  2. In a mixing bowl, combine the baked apple puree and egg white. Mix well until fully incorporated.

  3. Add the fresh lime juice to the mixture. The lime will give your K’Apples that tangy and refreshing Mojito flavor. Stir thoroughly.

  4. Finely chop the fresh mint leaves and add them to the mixture. The mint leaves will infuse your K’Apples with their delightful aroma and taste.

  5. Make 5 layers of that mousse and put and send them to the dehydrator until they are crunchy.

  6. Once your layers are dry, remake the same mousse with baked apple puree, lime, mint and eggwhite and spread it in between dried layers like a mille feuille cake and send it to the dehydartor for another 22 hours.

  7. Serve your K’Apples with lime and mint chilled, and enjoy the refreshing flavors reminiscent of a classic Mojito!

Where to Get K’Apples with Lime and Mint

If you're craving the convenience of enjoying K’Apples with lime and mint without the hassle of baking or dehydrating, you're in luck! You can find our delightful treats ready to be savored on our product page.

At K’Apples, we offer a wide range of delicious and healthy treats, all made with love and care in Switzerland. Explore our website here to discover more delightful flavors and unique creations.

In conclusion, K’Apples with lime and mint are a guilt-free and tasty alternative to the classic Mojito. With their refreshing flavor profile and natural ingredients, they're perfect for satisfying your cravings in a healthy way. Whether you choose to make them at home or order them online, K’Apples with lime and mint are sure to become your new favorite treat!

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