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The new limited edition Easter panettone flavor with two types of raisins, vanilla and orange and lemon zest. Enjoy the Eater holidays with K'Apples panetonne taste, yet without added sugar!

You absolutely have to try it!


The only problem with this taste is that you'll eat it too quickly, so it's best to order a few packs in advance :)

K’Apples. "Easter Panettone". Limited edition

PriceFrom CHF7.50

6 sets= 10% OFF

  • To make 1 pack of K'Apples, we use 10 apples and 1 egg white from local farms. When you buy our product, you support local farmers and small businesses.


    Composition: apples 90% (CH), egg whites, sultanas, orange zest, lemon zest, vanilla.

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