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More than apples.

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Snacks de fruits naturels à base de pommes locales en Suisse 

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K'apples with forest berries
Swiss limited edition. K’Apples with Valais apricots and alpine herbs.
K'Apples with blueberry
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Prix de L'Innovation 2023/2024

Best Healthy snacks in the french part of Switzerland.

What Are K'Apples?

K'apples is a brand new natural snack produced in Switzerland. The ingredients are simple, yet reliable like a Swiss economy. We buy different varieties of apples and only use fresh eggs from local farms.

We cook apples at low temperatures, saving all the vitamins.

When we mix the perfect proportions of apple puree and egg whites, we start the dehydration process.

There are no additives or preservatives in our products, just fresh ingredients, and pure love!

K'Apples aux fruits rouges

gluten free

Explore our selection of healthy natural snacks.

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Vegetarian Friendly

Discover the best vegetarian snacks for a healthy and balanced diet. Improve your health while enjoying delicious flavors with these vegetarian and natural options.

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