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Baked fruit snacks for diabetics in 2024

With diabetes cases on the rise, choosing the right snacks is more important than ever. In 2024, healthy and tasty options are essential to keep blood sugar levels stable while having fun. Among these options, K’Apples presents itself as a gourmet alternative without added sugar.

K’Apples: A risk-free enjoyment

K'Apples are innovative snacks made from cooked applesauce and other fruits, refined with health-promoting spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. Each 100g serving also contains egg white, providing a source of protein without affecting blood sugar levels.

The K'Apples Pomme Cannelle, with its taste Rich and flavorful, they are the perfect choice for diabetics who want to satisfy their sweet tooth without consequences.

Why should you choose cooked snacks?

Cooking changes the texture of the fruit and concentrates its natural flavors, making the snack enjoyable without the need to add sugar. In addition to adding flavor, spices can also provide health benefits such as: B. improving insulin sensitivity with cinnamon.

An ally for diabetes management

Incorporating snacks like K'Apples into a diabetic's diet can help control sugar cravings while providing satisfaction without the blood sugar spikes associated with traditional sugary snacks .

Les K'Apples aux Myrtilles are another great one Option that combines the natural sweet taste of blueberries with the antioxidant benefits.

Simple and practical

K'Apples are easy to carry and consume anywhere, making them convenient for active people or those who need a snack on the go without compromising their health.

To discover more flavors and order your K'Apples, visit

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