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Baked vs. Fried Snacks for Heart Health

Opting for a healthy lifestyle includes carefully selecting our snacks. For those who are concerned about their heart health, the choice is often between baked and fried snacks. Let's see why the former prevail over the latter.

Baked snacks: an ally for your health

Baked snacks are not only irresistible, but also healthier. K’Apples is at the forefront of this trend with 100% natural products. Among them, K'extra - the best pieces of K'Apples - are an excellent example of a tasty snack that is beneficial for your heart.

Treat yourself to K' extra, the best of K'Apples for healthy pleasure.

The disadvantages of fried snacks

Fried snacks are generally high in bad fats and can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. They may also contain unwanted substances formed during frying.

Why choose K’Apples?

K’Apples are healthy snacks made from baked apple puree, dehydrated for a unique texture. They contain natural spices and one egg white per 100g, without any added sugar.

Vary your pleasures without compromising your health

With K’Apples, it is possible to enjoy different flavors without harming your heart health. For an exotic choice, try K'Apples with lime and mint, perfect for a refreshing and healthy break.


Choosing snacks such as K’Apples is a step towards a healthier life. Every little snack counts for your well-being and your heart will thank you for this delicious and responsible choice.

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