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Top 7 best snacks for weight loss






Baked apple puree, other fruit purees, spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg), 1 egg white per 100g, no added sugar.


Greek natural yogurt

Rich in protein, no added sugar, perfect for anyone who is hungry.


Simple almonds

Source of healthy fats, proteins and fiber, excellent for controlling hunger.


Apple and peanut butter

Combination of apple slices with peanut butter for a balanced snack.


Raw vegetables and hummus

Vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers with hummus, low in calories and rich in nutrients.


Natural popcorn

Low calorie option, ideal for snacking between meals.


Homemade smoothies

Homemade smoothies with fruits and vegetables to incorporate more nutrients while controlling portions.

Weight loss is a journey that's all about making good food choices, and snacks are no exception. Here's our pick of the 7 best snacks to help you reach your weight loss goals.

1. K'Apples – A natural and delicious snack

K'Apples is the ideal choice for lovers of natural sweets. These delicious morsels are made from baked apple puree and other fruit purees and flavored with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. Each 100g serving contains one protein with no added sugar. It's a perfect option to satisfy small hunger pangs without feeling guilty. Discover their diverse range, such as K'Apples with Raspberries or K'Apples with orange and spices for varied enjoyment.

2. Greek natural yogurt

Greek yogurt is a healthy, protein-rich snack perfect for when you're hungry. Go for the easy option to avoid added sugar.

Plain Greek yogurt
Plain Greek yogurt

3. Natural almonds

Almonds are an excellent source of healthy fats, protein and fiber, making them an ideal snack to control hunger and support weight loss.

Plain almonds
Plain almonds

4. Apple slices and peanut butter

A classic mix, apple slices with a small amount of peanut butter make for a delicious and balanced snack.

Apple slices and peanut butter
Apple slices and peanut butter

5. Raw vegetables and hummus

Raw vegetables like carrots or cucumbers with hummus are a low-calorie, nutrient-dense snack.

Raw vegetables and hummus
Raw vegetables and hummus

6. Natural popcorn

Unsweetened popcorn is a low-calorie option for those moments when you want something crunchy.

Plain popcorn
Plain popcorn

7. Homemade smoothies

Make a smoothie with your favorite fruits and vegetables. This is a great way to get more nutrients into your diet while controlling portions.

Homemade smoothies
Homemade smoothies

By incorporating these healthy snacks into your diet, you can achieve your weight loss goals while enjoying delicious options. Remember, the key is moderation and choosing nutritious foods. Good luck on your weight loss journey!

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